Children Tying Their Shoes

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FDSF partners with local shoe stores to receive and provide shoes for families that are without. Proper footwear can help with protecting children from harmful environmental factors as well as instantly increase confidence for learning.


Every year, the Family Development and Samaritan Foundation provides tons of school supplies for students, serving those in the metropolitan area. Extra supplies are donated to partners in countries like Jamaica, Nigeria and Korea. 

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Students wait eagerly in line to receive their school supplies for school.

Family Development and Samaritan Foundation Back 2 School Drive, 2018
Bowie, MD


Providing Opportunities for Quality Education

Making a Global Impact on Youth by Providing Tools for Education

Providing Resources for the holistic development of families

Sarah Emmanuel, President
Camp Director


President of Family Development and Samaritan Foundation, Sarah Emmanuel, passionately leads as the Camp Director of FDSF Summer Camp. She is an educator and environmentalist who strongly advocates for individuals and families around the globe. She is the lead of many life-changing initiatives under the umbrella of FDSF and has had years of education-related experience in and out of the classroom setting.

FDSF is a non-profit 501(c) organization dedicated to positively impacting generations now and those to come through four foundational goals: Quality Education, Health and Wellness, Women Advocacy and Poverty and Hunger. Summer Camp is one of many avenues used in providing opportunity for growth and mentorship to youth.  

Family Development & Samaritan Foundation

The Family Development and Samaritan Foundation believes that education is vital to generational impact, by playing a key part in continuing generational wealth and eradicating poverty with exposure to new opportunities.


Research has shown that there is a shortage in STEM Field Professionals, especially in the US. Research has also provided the projection for 3.5 million STEM Field Jobs by 2025 with more than 2 million of the unfilled due to the low number of highly skilled candidates.


By virtue of our integral beliefs, one of FDSF’s goals is to create opportunities for students to increase the interest in STEM related careers. It is important that this field is not disregarded due to the essentiality of STEM Jobs in our society. As an organization, we value Health Education and Healthcare Accessibility for families at a global level. Both are the result of investment in STEM education


We hope that by providing STEM opportunities, we will create an avenue for seeing an increase in highly skilled STEM professionals in the years to come.