Ages 5-6


Ages 7-8


Ages 9-10


Camp Pathfinders(Ages 5-6)


Camp Pathfinders is designed for campers ages 5-6 to learn through exploration and investigation. Our Pathfinders are at the age of discovery and as they continue to grow, we place an emphasis on providing an environment that will support self and social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Camp FDSF is a place where pathfinders can form friendships, learn and grow while having an unforgettable summer filled with lots of fun!


Camp Trailblazers (Ages 7-8)


Campers ages 7-8 will join our group of Trailblazers. Our Trailblazer's Program is designed to support all-around growth. As campers are eager to learn and take on challenges turned fun we encourage Trailblazers to pursue learning experiences that will last a lifetime.


WARNING: Trailblazers may make friendships that will last beyond summer camp, develop an unusual love for learning, and set ablaze any trail they encounter in life with excellence!

Camp Bravehearts (Ages 9-10)


Camp Bravehearts is all about expression and mastering. As Bravehearts come to an understanding of self, we aim to provide an environment where these expressions can translate into learning moments, creativity, civility, leadership and problem-solving. Team-Building activities will build memorable bonds and stress the importance of working together. The Bravehearts program is centered around developing well-learned leaders of good moral standing and integrity that will face the world with courage.