Important Dates:
Session One: July 19th - July 23rd                   Session Two: July 26th - July 30th                 Session Three: August 2nd - August 6th            Session Four: August 9th - August 13th
FINAL REGISTRATION DATE: July 16th 2021                           Walk-In Open House: July 12th 2021 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

This year, FDSF will be offering a four week STEM Camp focused on the four subjects highlighted by the STEM Curricula. Students will engage in laboratory practices and experiments, discover new technology and learn the basics of computer science, coding and programming, design and build structures by taking on engineering tasks and so much more!



Week One
Theme: Laboratory Extravaganza


Students gear up for fun and exciting laboratory experiences by learning laboratory safety and proper equipment use. After phase one of learning and growing our vocabulary with dynamic science words, we dive into all the fun with ooey gooey lab creations, chemistry experiments and so much more.



Week Two
Theme: Technology Frenzy


During week two, FDSF takes STEM Camp up a notch to another level! TECHNOLOGY! Students explore the tech world by navigating the use of some trendy platforms created to introduce students to coding and computer programming.



Week Three
Theme: Engineer it Now!


In our Engineering curriculum, students use ingenuity to venture into a realm of discovery. By using 3D design software, students will render designs in response to though-provoking building challenges and prepare to use everyday items like never before!



Week Four
Theme: Let's Get Mathematic !


During this week, students will adapt critical mathematic skills to explore and solve problems. Our math centered activities allow campers to develop math skills in a fun and engaging atmosphere that is the complete opposite from the traditional classroom setting.

session one

session two

Lab Safety & Lab Equipment

DIY Rockets

DNA Extraction

Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic





Grand Water Fight

Students learn basic rules for working in a science lab through live scenarios creating oobleck and fluff snow!

Chemistry is the matter of this lesson as students build their own rocket ships and study the mechanism behind launching.

We'll take common household familiars, the strawberry and banana, and extract their DNA!

Students will gather in teams to construct their own balloon launching machines and will put their inventions to work in our grand water balloon fight!

We love it, we love it not?

Students explore the properties of water and learn the difference between 

Basic Skills



Internet Safety




PC Building

Computer Use

Microsoft Office

Basic Typing Skills

Students learn the basics of coding through popular apps such as Tynker and Sratch

In a generation where any and everything lies at the click of a button, students must learn the importance of protecting yourself while exploring the internet.

Students will use a PC Building simulator to learn how to construct a Simple PC. After learning and practice, students will work as a to build a real PC together.

session three

session four


Mine Craft

DIY Battery Operated Car

Recycled Materials

Build a City Project




3D Design Software

Blue Printing

Students learn the basics of coding and explore diversity and inclusion with Minecraft's "A Tale of Two Cities".

Students construct their own DIY battery operated vehicle. Students get to choose which materials to build with as well as the design plan they will follow!

Our engineers in the making will draft a written plan for their very own city and complete its model over the course of three days. They will construct the buildings, put together parks, stage scenes and whatever else their imaginations lead them to create!

Math Agent Mysteries

Tower of Math


Scavenger Hunt


Math Facts



Game Day

Students put their math week knowledge to use by competing in our math games championship which includes games such as math facts bingo and jeopardy.

Students freshen up on appropriate graded level math and use those skills to solve mysteries as Camp FDSF Math Agents.

A mathematical twist on the all time favorite game of Jenga!

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. However, to access each clue, students must first be able to decoded the message!

Students practice their math by completing 60 sec math fact challenges.